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Czon, more about, THIS IS the LONG TEXT!
The story about the art, his reality.


the Czonspiracy


Czon, the man behind the mask

Czon's name has become a trademark for fans of art, photography and for those who appreciate beautiful and evocative works.

His creativa art is sure to leave a lasting impression.

At the heart of Czon's art are his mystical beings, often female ethereal, ghost-like creatures that inhabit a world of their own.

They are often depicted as solitary folcloric and mythical figures, haunting and elusive,

as if caught between the worlds of the living and the dead, now and then.

The tales of women he portray are strong, mortal, fierce, divine, fragile, fatal and empowered.

They command respect and awe. Czon's art is his haunting exploration, full of dark sensuality and magic.


-Where did this fascination with femaine heroines and entyties come from?

To understand Czon's art, we must delve into his childhood, where he was surrounded and raised by only women.

Czon was both drawn to and scarred by the power of womans around him.

His female caretakers were family, and yet they also frequently scorned, despised and discarded him. 

This mixture of admiration, guilt and shame created a complex and confusing relationship.

Czon's childhood was also marked by recurring disturbances.  

These involuntary disturbances further deepened his sense of an eve of destruction, isolation and alienation,

As he struggled to make sense of his own mind and emotions,

Czon found himself drawn to the worlds of witches, demons, fairytales, supernaturals, and goddesses.

He saw a connection between demons (oknytt, väsen) and personality disorders in his surrounding and the ones he loved

and in his twisted minds he could explain different behaviors and disorders as demons, supernatural beings, creatures, goddesses. 

In a new light he could see and he knew whom they were, his fiends through all times.

All thoose deep cuts and scars both in his reality and from the inside was in his mind explained.

In his art, we see his visions, connections and his fallen utopias,

always with reflections of his own personal struggles and his search for understanding, acceptance, love and a safe haven. 

Czon saw these challenges of solace in art, and began to create his own world through photography and mixed media.

His art is a reflection of his own reality, admiration, fears and fantasies, a way to make sense of the complex circumstances.

To heal from his own wounds he know create art and see´s himself as an storyteller of his own reallity in the twilight.

Czon's photography is masterful, capturing the essence of his nightmares and beloved ones in a delicate touch.

His use of light and shadow, flashes, contrast and composition, creates images in an theatric way with models and selfportraitts, 

beautiful and haunting, some with a touch of victorian/art nouveau and somehow there is this essence of paranormal romantic.

A personal love story, an toxic relation who ended with discard, the sinner & the saint, who was the sinner, the saint ?

His work speaks to the human spirit, evoking emotions that are both raw and powerful. 

His images are a testament to the power of art to connect us with the unknown and the mystical essences within,

to take us on a journey  to a world beyond our own with pure love and deep cuts.

In conclusion; Czon's art is a fascinating exploration of the human psyche and the unknown reflected and affected by himself,


His photography of mystical beings and women is haunting, beautiful, and thought-provoking with nudity and fine art,

often featuring intricate details and a dream-like quality from his own fears, nightmares, reallity and utopias.

Czon's work has gained widespread recognition and praise for its unique blend of fantasy and realism and has been exhibited in numerous galleries, art shows and museums around the world, arnering praise and admiration from media, critics and audiences alike

He has touched the hearts and minds of many, inspiring awe and wonder in those who view it.


His art is his testament, as he self reflected at his art exhibit at the Swedish cultural museum;

“The woman’s essence has always been the most powerful force
much like nature has always been Satan’s church."
/ Czon

If you are a fan of photography or are an art collector or just  appreciate beautiful and evocative art ;

Czon's work is sure to leave a lasting impression !

Czon, Artist in residence, Germany, Exhibit, Kuhlungsborn kunsthalle, ostseebad

Photo from one of two different artist in residence Czon has been invited to.


This was his final exhibit in Ostseebad Kunsthalle in Kuhlungsborn / Germany after his time Mecklenburg Inspiert on the German Riviera.

(Kuhlungsborn, Warnemunde, Heiligendamm in Mecklenburg & Vorpommern.)

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