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Want to stand model for Czon ?

Vill du vara fotomodell för Czon ?

Czon has through the years worked with all kind of models from Vogue, Elle & Playboy cover girls to Onflyfans models & creators and ordinarie ppl with no model experience at all. He has also worked with famous fashion brands and a lot of celebs.

This is art and No money involved soo Czon & team Underground do not pay, its TFP for all models.

Models always get an signed 50-70cm signed print and images to use for their own social media platforms / portfolios.


Soo models uses us to be exhibited, creative, published, and get images to portfolio/agancies/social media to use free!

If we´re lucky we will have some new image from the shooting for upcoming exhibits to use.

Soo we are not in it to gain something, just to create art we like. Czon only do shootings for exhibits !

This are the rules! Model must be over 18years of age. 

Czon is working all year around all over Europe, many times on odd and strange locations,

so for models during shootings ; there can be cold wheather and models cant be shy for nudity.


Czon always want the extraordinary out from you, expressions, feelings, sences, so many models say it is like an movie set or an theater where the models are the actors. Many of the shootings are recorded by a filmteam.

See below for how our contract / modelrelease looks.

Czon, abandoned cars, Citroen HY and the model
Fotomodell, Model, Modelrelease, art, Czon


for archive, independent creator, art, and all kind of photography & art

This agreement is initially formed and recommended by the Swedish Photographers Association.

It is designed to be used for the agreement of illustrated person/model.


Photographer : Czon aka (real name)

Email :



Time and place for photoshoot‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥



The undersigned, who participated in the aforementioned shooting,

hereby agree that the image / images / film / movies / art may be used in the following context:

In the editorial context, commercial, advertising activities, in marketing,

for any kind of publication and social media.

For sale by resource, gallery, museum or other.

Photo will be stored in database and will be used for digital art & content.

Model must also agree to keep Czon´s real name in anonymity.

Model insure she´s over 18years old.


Fees for model involvement/travelling will be paid in cash with EUR_____________________


About models name :

Should Czon try to mentioned it in connection to the picture or publishing ?

Yes or No ? :___________ Should Czon use your real name or alias : _____________________



Model : _____________________________________________Alias_____________________


Adress : ______________________________________________________________________


Zip & city : ____________________________________________________________________


City & date : ___________________________________________________________________



Czon guarantees to leave at least one 50-70cm edited and signed edition to the model.

Czon will also send over a few images from the shoot for the model to use for her own portfolio





_______________________________ _______________________________

Signature by person/model: Signature by Czon/Assist


This contract is drawn up in duplicate, in which the parties receive respective..

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