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Czon, signed Limited edition of 100x.

Photo is 21-30 cm with cut out white passp. mounted in an black frame 30x40cm


In the middle of nowhere somewhere between France & Spain far away from civilisation me and the supermodel "Sandy" I was travelling with found this amazing place with oh soo many abandoned classic cars, there were Citroen Hy ( Cv2 ) and a lot of other lost French cars like Renault Safari´s and all other sought after veterans.

A abandoned paradise for car graveyard yunkies, barnfind,

rust and cars worth millions on decay,


As always the model was nude and playful cause she didnt want clothes and a shadowburns from clothes on her skin/body from the sun.

Her nude body dancing around this nostalgic graveyard, was art for both of us.

Dont even know if this place is still there or not. Timeless limited photoart who will look amazing hanged up on your walls.


the Supermodel and the abandoned CV 2 HY by Czon, 21x30cm in frame 30-40cm

2 850,00 krPris
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