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La Sorginas by Czon - authentic and genuine wicca photoart work by artist Czon,


Size 12x12cm, mounted in passepartout and black frame 18x18cm.

Open edition, signed by artist. 


Size 18x18cm, mounted in passepartout and in black frame 30x30cm

Limited edition : 99x all numbered and signed by artist.


In the shadowy depths of Cuevas de Zugarramurdi in Basque (Spain).

This was taken on the exact location of where the Spanish inquisition started.


Three naked sorginas gather beneath the ethereal glow of eternal moonlight in the cave next to Orabidea brook (the Basque name for the brook, Infernuko erreka, refers directly to : straight from hell)


Their forms, illuminated by the flickering flames of a hidden ritual, move gracefully in an nude, maybe even erotic trance dance that transcends the boundaries of the mortal world.


"I was like the cave with its human skull of stone—a loyal witness to the arcane secrets concealed within the embrace of mystical aura of a witch's sabbath.

Someway I felt inside who I once was, Akelarres" qoute by Czon.


As the sorginas twirl in rhythmic energies of ancient mystical rites. In the heart of the sabbath, these sorceresses weave a spellbinding tapestry of ancient wisdom and enchantment—an ode to the exotic allure of the supernatural,

a celebration captured by the lens of Czon's artistry.


La Sorginas by Czon

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