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Demons inside, open edition, authentic and genuine work by artist Czon, signed.

Size 12x12cm in passepartout and mounted in black frame 18x18cm with real glass.


The enigmatic realm of sin and sanctity.

Black and white photoart by the elusive Swedish artist Czon

taken in the middle of the night in November 2023 next to the baltic sea.

A nude woman stands strong,

her tattoos that tell tales of an untold past.

Is she the sinner seeking redemption or the saint tainted by forbidden desires?

She´s obscured by the mystic embrace, almost manhandled, strong hands, passion

or is it a hug of a loving or dying man trying to hold on his vision about her ?

His hands, stained with blood, of passion or pain ?

A delicate dance between guilt, innocence and raw rough feelings.


This photoart captivates with its raw beauty, the harmonious collision of the rough emotions inviting you to decipher the untold story within.

This piece is not merely art; it's an invitation to explore the depths of the human psyche.

Indulge in the allure of ambiguity,

where every gaze unveils a new layer of meaning.

still demons inside by Czon

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