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Blenda, open edition, authentic and genuine work by artist Czon, signed.

Size 12x12cm in passepartout and mounted in black frame 18x18cm with real glass.


Blenda is an Swedish tale about a woman heroine who saved the people of Värend during the wars against the Danes 1270.

She and the woman of Värend lured the danish king Erik Klipping and all of his warriors with their natural charm, got them really drunk and killed all of them.

Blenda became more then an legend and all the woman in Värend had equal rights after this and was also the only woman who was allowed to go to their weddings in full war armour. Woman of Värend has since the medieval time always been powerfull and equal and still today uses an bloodcoloured red belt in their folkcostume to remind what Blenda did. Many locations around this place still today are named after the bloodbath as were they buried the king (Kongshög) and the place were Blenda and all of the strong woman washed all of the blood from their hands "Blodviken" (blood bay).

Sadly this story is almost forgotten today.


Czon captured Blenda in this amazing image as the old tales said,

in full power, nude, with the sword in her hand and the danish king dead in the morning dew. Blenda is the real amazon warrior woman, a norse valkyrie, a real viking, strong fierce and divine.


Blenda, 4-ever in our heart.




Blenda, swedish finest 12x12 by Czon

595,00 krPris
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