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Studio Underground

Uppdaterat: 29 juni

Ok, have now tested my large abandoned mansion between Falkenberg & Varberg in action and it went really good. Have tried it at some shootings earlier and have had a bunch of models/artist/fiends visiting, some over weekends but never had so many here at the same time and used almost every room/studio. Epic!


Linda Skugge & her team took over Studio Underground. A lot of Onlyfans models and ordinary models and also our favorite artist Blue Falkholt came by.

Was an epic weekend and Falkholt did an amazing mural in the studio for future shootings.

Linda was her right hand & I think the name of the mural is "Nämndeslynan" or even "Nämnde slynan renar"..

So from now on, all models (also fiends, creative ppl, artist & many more) are welcome here to create art, the studio has a lot of rooms with an different touch, every style from art nouveau, Swedish modern, Space age, 70s, 18th century and some rooms with the best of Danish furnitures. Here are some barns who we have made to raw and cool locations for shootings, even have one barn with haunted items I have collected from all of my years on the roads on every haunted and abandoned place in Europe. An kind of an obscyre and odd museum/studio for shootings. Its all a Czonspiracy..

Read more about Studio Underground here : Studio Underground

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