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EXPOSICION ARTE ALICANTE. Spain. Czon will do one more illegal Exhibit.

Extra / Right Now: We´re doing one more totally Free Illegal Art Exhibit in Spain!

Location : the abandoned Preventoria Agua de Busot / Balneario de Aigües in Alicante Close to Alicante City/Benidorm/Altea/Villajoyosa and more.

After the massive response over our Sierra Espuna sanatorium exhibit,

We do one more exhibit for all of you who wanted too see it.

This one is smaller but well worth a visit, maybe around 40-50 images in various sizes soo Yesterday we took over the starwayhall at the haunted Preventoria Aqua de Busot in Alicante to create an free illegal art exhibit for all who dare to go there. Today and for at least this summer it will be open 24/7.

Some of the art has been created in this preventoria as an hommage to the history, myths and memories on this location with supernaturals and ghost as the white lady wandering this building.

According to sources the most paranormal place in this building is the stairs and off course our hommage/art for thoose from the twilight zone are hanged here.

Also many other twilight-tales, myths and legends from all around Spain is represented like; "la chika de curve", "Veronica", "Akelarres", Witches from Trasmoz, Zugarrmurdi, Valencia and much more.)

The exhibit is totally free of charge if you dare to go Welcome / Czon & Underground.

Be careful inside the building cause it can be dangoures and there are also some holes in the ground (some says they go to hell) so watch up! We are not taking any responsibility and everyone enters at their own risk.

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