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Czon - Now online !

Uppdaterat: 26 maj

Czon is online.. It only took 14years for a new webisite..

Far from finnished and not with our real URL cause that one has an former ex-grrrl still in her posessions and we have been waiting years for it soo took another until the original returns, Check it out fiends;

We will theese coming weeks try to update it a lot and make it public and searchable soon.

and btw : the summer is here. Czon will make a lot of shootings in Halland (Västkusten), Skåne, Blekinge, Västra Götaland, Kalmar/Öland.

Also many shootings in the abandoned mansion / new studio Underground located between Varberg & Falkenberg on the westcoast, Already now in June we have planned a lot of shootings with models, artists, writers, onlyfansgirls & freelance models.

So a lot is happening in the background.

Photo from an nice shooting in Kalmar, Czon did an tour around Kalmar/Öland/Glasriket and was most pleased with some shootings with model Josefine !

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