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Back from the Underground.

Ok, here we go.

Still lurking in the mist of my own twilight zone.

Went missing/underground 2019 with my last exhibits in Spain at Sierra Espuna / Mazarron and Aguis de Busot. Felt sorry for La Guardia (Spanish police) ruined the Sierra Espuna expo and closed it down because it came for many visitors to see the artshow..

But we will be back... Somewhere in Mazarron soon.. Keep your eyes open.

There were some nice articles about the riots in Sierra Espuna and some good reviews from the local papers and Newspaper from Spain renamed Costa Brava to Ghosta Brava in their articles.

*Link to magazine abaout Czon & Ghosta Brava,

*Link to Swedish paper in Spain with one of the best interviews I´ve ever given

Then came covid and I didnt create any art at all. Instead under lockdown we took over an abandoned mansion on the Swedish westcoast and started the renovation.

It will bee the new Underground studio in Sweden.

And Hell Yes.

All of you;

our friends, artist, artlovers, models, musicans and other artistic people are always welcome here in the future to create, to get away.

Will also invite artists and models to work and exhibit here.

Mail mail my manager Sandy Ententhe if you want to come by and help us out.

Thats all for now but.. Follow for more updates.

We have some news about an upcoming art tour April-Jule.

Guess we then will be in Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Stay tuned. Over and out / Czon

Somewhere there I meet her, the Monteverde Angels innocent friend
the Essence of Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno, Italy by Czon

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