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aka. "the lost girl"

"a saga of Sanctimonious" aka. "the lost girl"

She said she did not want anyone to see her, she said she hated the attention,,

the silence when she walk into a room and everybody stared.

Anyhow I think she loved it & She Dazzled us all with her fragile strength

She stood there in front of the mirror,stared at herself and tried to see the errors that were not there,

She put the face on for all of us, the happiest girl around, all of us saw her, loved her, adored her.

In real she was the most fragile lost girl I ever loved.

Maybe she was a tale made of abandoned fear(ies) or maybe she was my mare of my nightmare,

I know, I loved her but that was not enough,

Centuries went its course, I still see her in the mirror,a ghost of the past and the present,

the most beautiful in eternity. Damned if you do and damned if you dont.

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