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Paranoid Android AB

This is the Paranoid Android team writing.

We are the owners of this company, where we have collected artists & designsshops, reporters and photographers, influencers and all the ones we want to collab With!

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Red flag disxard kopiera WEB.jpg

Never trust a paronoid android !

Paranoid Android companies :


Czon                                                          (the swedish artist)

Discopop2000                                           (online midcentury designshop),

Näraby ödegård                                        (abandoned mansion in Sweden).

Studio Underground & Studio Satmara     (art collectives and their studios)

Only life we know                                       (Digital nomads, now working with documentary)

Nimphidia                                                   (News and media)

Czon: see

We sell art by the Swedish artist Czon ( the only seller of Czon art besides tres hombres art gallery in Halmstad )

Random we sell Czon art at his exhibits and at pop up art stores. 

All of his street art are free to steal !

We collab with Czon´s Ebola Kickers who are the only team in the world to give authentecy to Czon art.

There will always be copies and false reprints out there, beware !

In some cases they give authentecy to stolen/found Czon´s graphics work & street/geurilla art pieces.

We dont have any connections to Banksy, Bansky or the team behind !

We are only Paranoid Androids.

Discopop2000 : see

Swedish midcentury art & designshop, ships worldwide.

Näraby ödegård : see

17th century abandoned mansion on the Swedish westcoast.

Onlylifeweknow : see

Emilia Lindholm & Niklas Henrikczon adventures around Europe 2016-2023

Documentary and book on its way

Nimphidia : Articles, news, celebs, management and more for media see :

Working for SVT, Expressen, Allers and many more. Freelance photojournalist.


Paranoid Android always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


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